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About Me

Alida Louw

Reg. no. PRC 0010413 | Pr. no. 0810000489980

BBibl (PU for CHE); HOD (PU for CHE)
HonsBEd (Educational Psychology) (PU for CHE);

MEd (Learner Support) (NWU)

I am a registered counsellor with a passion for family relationships. Although I mainly work with children aged three to 12, I also counsel teenagers and adults. I worked full-time as a teacher for six years and gradually realised that I was particularly interested in the emotional support of children. It spurred me to specialise in counselling.

In a family, mutual respect for each family member is essential. I believe a family is only as healthy and strong as the family member doing the worst - like a chain that is as strong as the weakest link. 

The biggest mistake is thinking that children (even babies) are too young to be affected by trauma or conflict or that children will outgrow their trauma. I need to act preventively - before severe psychological problems later develop in a person and the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist are needed. 

I work primarily from a Christian perspective and follow various techniques and approaches (including sand and play therapy) to adapt to each client. From experience, I know that clients can make significant changes and improvements (healing) when they approach counselling with an open mind and commitment.


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"Alida, I have to thank you, you helped my child a lot. He is doing so well in school -  no more drama in the morning or evening. He says school is fun. We feel very relieved! Your approach to him was the best."


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